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  • 1st EC Review Meeting

    During the 1st EC Review meeting, the Mobile Age consortium presented the project’s progress and achievements accomplished during the first year of its implementation. The meeting which took place on the 25th of April 2017 was attended by the project reviewers - assigned by the European Commission and consortium members.

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  • 4th Mobile Age Meeting in Thessaloniki

    The 4th project meeting was held in Thessaloniki, Greece July 4–6, 2017. It was hosted by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with great success!

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  • 1st Informational Event in an Open Care Center of Thessaloniki

    On the 23rd of June 2017 our project partners from the region of central Macedonia (RCM) and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) jointly organized the first informational event that took place in the Open Care center 12, located in Vafopouleio Area in Thessaloniki. During the 2 hour presentation, the project was showcased to the participating members of the open care center. The senior citizens also had the opportunity to be actively involved in the Mobile Age focus group.

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  • Mobile Age starts second project phase in Bremen Hemelingen

    With two focus groups with older adults in the city district Bremen Hemelingen, we started the second phase of the Bremen fieldwork. After having developed a digital district guide for and with older adults in the district of Osterholz last year, now Hemelingen is going to get its application.

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  • Social inclusion in the district (Weser Report)

    Ulrike Gerhard talks in the interview about the future of the project "Mobile Age“

    by Biljana Neloska

    The Project “Mobile Age” aims to make the lives of older citizens in Bremen Osterholz easier. After the first phase, it is going to go to Bremen Hemelingen soon. Ulrike Gerhard takes stock and tells what is still to come.

    Weser Report: How has the project developed since its beginning in last year?

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  • Digital on the move (Stadtteil Kurier Südost)

    Now Bremen Hemelingen is going to get the district guide for older citizens

    by Silja Weisser

    Only one touch on the display and the information is there. The digital district guide for older adults should be easy to use and accessible for everyone – also for people without private internet access. For this purpose, a computer table is openly available now. The prototype – knocked together by students from the Institute for Information Management Bremen (Ifib) at Bremen University is placed at the Café Blocksberg, located at Max-Säume-Straße 88 in Osterholz Blockdiek. Afterwards it is going to the Café Gabriely at Otto-Brenner-Allee 44/46 in Osterholz. From there it goes traveling to further places.

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  • A table on the move

    Written By Juliane Jarke

    During the last months, we have developed a digital district guide for and with older adults in Bremen. We did this together with our technical Partners from FTB (Forschungsinstitut Technologie und Behinderung der evang. Stiftung Volmarstein) and senior citizens from Bremen Osterholz as well as local stakeholders like social workers, the head of the district council and different organisations. A first prototype is online since a few weeks and we are collecting feedback on the design as well as the content.

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  • European Interoperability Framework and the Mobile Age Project

    On the 23rd of March 2017 the European Commission published a new European Interoperability Framework that enables European public administrations to coordinate their digitation efforts when delivering public services. As the European Press Release mentions many EU Member States are digitising their public administrations to save time, reduce costs, increase transparency, and improve the quality of services that they offer to citizens and businesses.

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