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  • Mobile Age meeting in Bremen

    The 3rd meeting of Mobile Age was held in Bremen, Germany on 22nd – 23rd of November 2016 and it was successfully hosted by ifib.

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  • Joinup - Poland studies overhaul of eGovernment strategy

    Poland’s Ministry of Digitisation is working on an integrated approach to eGovernment services and public administrations ICT architecture. Last month, the government adopted the ministry’s ‘Program Zintegrowanej Informatyzacji Państwa’ (PZIP - national integrated digitalisation programme). PZIP aims to “create a coherent, logical and efficient state information system, providing eServices at national and European level in an effective way in terms of quality and cost.”

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  • New EU legislation to make public websites and mobile apps accessible

    On 26th October 2016, the European Parliament approved the EU Directive on the accessibility of the websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies. The new rules establish a set of criteria and technical provisions to enable everyone, including people with disabilities (in particular vision or hearing impairments), to have access to online data and services provided by public sector bodies.

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  • Mapping Maps in Osterholz for MobileAge

    Within the three-year EU-funded project MobileAge researchers from the ifib and senior citizens from the Bremen district of Osterholz are jointly developing a service application for their district. The so called “co-creation” of a digital public service takes place in regular meetings between the researchers, senior citizens and representatives from public authorities and social welfare organisations.

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  • Brochure on "ICT-enabled public sector innovation" in H2020 Societal Challenge 6

    ICT-enabled public sector modernisation is one of the key priorities of Societal Challenge 6, part of the H2020 research programme. Public administrations should move towards an open government paradigm, composed of 3 axes: Open data, Open services and Open process. This brochure presents these themes and the projects focusing their activities in "Europe in a changing world - inclusive, innovative and reflective societes".

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  • Mobile Age Newsletter Issue No.2 published on Joinup!

    The second Newsletter Issue of the project has been published on Joinup and it is available to view at:

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  • Joinup: Public review of German municipal eGovernment manual

    Germany’s Federal Ministry of the Interior is organising a three-month, online public review of a new manual for municipal eGovernment services. From 22 September until 30 November, a website will allow readers to comment on the document.

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  • EU eGovernment Report 2016 shows that online public services improved unevenly

    A new study on eGovernment services in the EU reveals that online public services are becoming increasingly accessible across Europe, 81% being now available online. However, deeper analysis of user-centricity, transparency, cross-border mobility and in general quality of use shows that growth is uneven and a substantial number of EU countries are still lagging behind. This sends a clear signal for acceleration, in order to keep up with private sector pressing needs, and citizens' expectations. To address these challenges, in April 2016, the Commission has launched a new eGovernment Action Plan for 2016-2020. It is based on the following underlying principles: digital-by-default, cross-border by default, once-only principle, inclusive by default; privacy & data protection; Openness & transparency by default.

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