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  • WP1 - Studies & policy briefings on access, mobility and open data

    Led by the University of Lancaster

    This work package aims to:

    1. Develop an understanding of how easy or difficult, senior citizens find accessing and using online public services. This information will be used to help develop policies to design better access to services by senior citizens
    2. Develop research methods where - senior citizens use the technology and give feedback to researchers on their experiences which will then be used to design and create new and easier to use mobile applications. This will be aimed at realizing benefits of open government data and mobile technologies for older people.
    3. Develop a framework for -assessing the relevance and success of software we develop with input from the senior citizens themselves. This will help us understand how effective our joint research and the newly developed software is from the point of view of senior citizens, who will use them, and also from that of local government authorities and independent organisations.
  • WP2 - Open Senior Citizen Public Service Engagement Platform Development

    Led by the Aristotle University

    WP2 is focused on developing the essential software infrastructure that Mobile Age will run on.

    Specifically, WP2 focuses on the design and development of the back-end framework, where all services will be executed and all mobile applications will run. It will follow a user-oriented approach to identify the needs and constraints that of the framework, define the platform architecture, and test the software built, in order to deliver a reliable and easy-to-use platform.

  • WP3 - Mobile Services Co-Creation Activities & Evaluation

    Led by the Institute for Information Management Bremen GmbH

    This work package aims to:

    1. Design and facilitate co-creation events in the field sites to explore the use of open public data in (mobile) applications bringing together older adults, public authorities, researchers and developers
    2. Contribute to the implementation of demonstrator applications for selected use cases based on the experience of the co-creation events
    3. Identify general requirements of the Mobile Age applications and back-end components as input to the technical development
    4. Provide methodological observations from the co-creation events and the development process as input for the studies on co-creation
  • WP4 - Development of front end components and demonstrator applications

    Led by Evangelische Stiftung Volmarstein

    This work package aims to develop the user interfaces and information service applications for the mobile devices of the end-users.

    There will be demonstration sites in four European countries: the city of Bremen in Germany, the region of South Lakeland in the United Kingdom, the city of Zaragoza in Spain, and the region of Central Macedonia in Greece. The workpackage partners support the co-creation processes in each demonstration site by the provision of possible user-interface designs, mock-ups and demo applications. The final aim is the implementation of demonstrator applications in the four sites which will be the basis for overall system tests and user evaluations.

  • WP5 - Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation

    Led by Government To You

    This work package aims to:

    1. Ensure that Mobile Age project will achieve the widest impact and effective exploitation of the project results through:
      • An effective internal and external communications strategy while coordinating and assisting other work packages to meet their objectives regarding dissemination and communication
      • Raising visibility and awareness of the project’s objectives, developments and expected results
      • Stakeholders’ engagement, motivation and interaction
    2. Promote the project’s exploitable results to all potential users and interested stakeholders at local, national and European level after the project’s completion.
  • WP6 - Project Management

    Led by the University of Lancaster

    The overall goal of this Work Package is to provide the project with a light-weight, flexible management service, while its specific objectives:

    1. A constructive dialog among the partners concerning strategic and technical issues
    2. Rapid and effective decision-making
    3. Compliance with all EU administrative and reporting requirements
    4. Provision of supporting infrastructure
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 693319
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